Thursday, September 1, 2011

~ S.H.Figuarts Ankh Stand Set

This time the set comes with a lot of accessories with 2 piles of medals which allows you to display Ankh in simple diorama style.

The stand base. One unit of clear version Stage act 4 is provided.

The ice creams looks delicious.

The medals really cute as they are around 4mm in diameter each. They were molded in clear plastic and painted.

A comparison of Ankh arm with previous first Tatoba released bonus Ankh arm. The old version lack of details.

Ankh:" Oiii~ Eiji !!! Wait !!!"
Eiji:" ???!!!"

Ankh:" Stop using Sagohzo combo, if not you will get exhausted and faint again."

Ankh:"Now, use Tatoba combo to finish the Yummy."

Final comments:
  • Is he worth to get? I think he is priced at reasonable price of 1500yen. The detailing and accessories are worth to get. Each stand average already cost around 350yen +-.
  • Furthermore, he is quite fun for people who like to capture diorama scene.
  • We are lucky that this Ankh arm is not released as Tamashi online exclusive item.
  • A must have for Ankh or OOO fans.

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