Friday, October 28, 2011

~ Painting Guides By Zoid

Here is one of the most useful guide in painting. Finally, I learned something from this website !!! Lacquer paint cannot be directly applied to plastic !!! I feel really sad and bad of some local hobby shop did not mentioned about this when I bought a few bottles of paint. Last year, I tried to custom paint Transformers but ended in night mare !!! The body of the transformer totally cracked !!! Really break my heart that the shop didn't inform me in advance during purchase of paint. I didn't know about it as few years back I used Hobby color which I thought they changed name and packaging. Hobby color is acrylic paint while Mr Color is lacquer paint. According to Tamiya paint table, lacquer is the strongest which means it is more hazardous !!!

Link>> Zoid Painting Guide (Direct to 3rd party website)

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