Tuesday, October 25, 2011

~ Tomica Toyota FJ Cruiser

I received this Limited first color edition from Japan last week. The FJ is Made in Vietnam. After calculation, its more expensive to buy from Japan compared to local store. However, I am lazy to hunt nowadays as most of the new stock always sold out very fast in local store when I try to grab one. It is in 1/66 scale only, so it is smaller than actual car.

I am surprised to find out that the blue is darker than I thought. The regular version is in yellow. The detailing is really nice. "TOYOTA" logo printed on front grill. The bumper has semi painted silver color. Very nice.

The roof of the FJ reminds me of Hummer. Rear small piece of "window" is painted in black. Of course, this FJ has suspension. The rims are not painted.

Rear window, spare tire cover, rear lamps are painted.

Made in Vietnam, 1/66 scale.

Overall, I like this FJ. Detail, heavy and nice design. :) A must have in your Tomica collection.

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