Friday, January 27, 2012

~HDM Kamen Rider Biorider

Sorry for the long wait on posting this cool rider from HDM series. I have been wanted to open it from the seal bag but lack of display space last time. I like the sculpture or molding of this figures. Look accurate from the show. Biorider is the only rider that can change into liquid form !!! Cool !!! As for those who don't know about Biorider, he is actually the third form of Kamen Rider RX.

Close up shots on the head and body. I had touch up the face, belt and the eyes. Part of the red color eyes is not properly painted. I added black lining, blue and red dots on the belt too !!!

The beam saber is made from clear plastic painted in light blue. It has fine prepainted details !!!

More coming soon !!!

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