Saturday, February 4, 2012

~ HDM Kamen Rider Roborider

Roborider is my childhood favorite form among all 3 RX forms. He is strong and is the second form of RX. I really like this HDM version as it looks realistic. Roborider does seem kinda look like Robocop's movement as well as using gun as weapon. I like his color scheme. For your information, HDM series required minor assembly especially body parts and antenna.

The back view.

The eyes. The face of Roborider is unique as he has red lined on his face like tears falling down. He is also known as "Sad Prince". Kotaro in RX form felt very sad changed to this form when he thought her "sister" was killed.

A closer view. Actually, I touched up the face on the silver eye brow part. There were a few paint smudges which I sanded off and repaint it. The quality getting bad.

The belt center plastic cover need us to assemble it. Nice detail !!!

Comparison between HDM and HG series.

Now, the HDM looks a lot more accurate. Last time, I thought the HG series very nice but no longer now.

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