Sunday, February 26, 2012

~ HDM Kamen Rider Shadowmoon

HDM Shadowmoon finally is here !!! The sculpt is very nice compared to Ultimate solid and SHF series. However, this time Bandai has skipped many important paint details on this figure. The most obvious parts are the mouth piece and neck. They are suppose to be gun metal color. I feel bad as I don't have that color to repaint. Touch up is required on this figure.

The back views. Looks better than SHF series. Better proportion.

The side views.

Added details on the face. The nose, the red, green and yellow dots

Added details on the belt. The paint is out of line on the center transparent green part. Added 3 black linings on each thigh.

The sword is made from plastic. I added tiny red dots on sword holder.

Black and Shadowmoon. They looks very handsome aren't they?

Black VS Shadowmoon !!! The ultimate battle !!!

RX together with Black fight Shadowmoon.

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