Wednesday, June 27, 2012

~ Transformers United Nemesis Black Optimus Tokyo Toy Show 2012 (Part 2)

The Nemesis Prime !!! Who can resist blacky?!! He is awesome. Let's continue the review...

Front view. 

Side view. 

Truck top cover can be plugged into the back. It looks like turtle shell. 

It is amazing to see that the "shell" can transform into a blaster gun. It can be used as cannon gun and assembled on top like in the photo.

Double weapons!!! He has two guns !!! I always like double guns or double swords action figure. 

I retouched up the 4 green "lights" on his chest. The original paint seems too be too light and uneven.

He really has nice color scheme as usual for Nemesis Prime. Hasbro did released Nemesis version few years back but with more bluish grey parts. I prefer this version. Teal stripes on Nemesis Prime blends well as well as the red parts !!! 

As you can see clearly in this photo. He has Destron/ Decepticons insignia on both sides of shoulder.

Final comments:
  1. This is a great figure not to be missed. If you can afford him. Get him !!! Takara and Hasbro has released this mold many times. I doubt they will released him again future.
  2. The joints are tight except shoulder joints can't support the big cannon properly.
  3. The seems to be has some "wear & tear" since the main mold has been used many times. Certain parts like the back area and arms have rough edges.
  4. Encountered some paint chips and scratches on this figure.
  5. He has waist and chest joint but limited turning points. Average articulations. No wrist joints and foot cannot swing to left or right directions.

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