Sunday, June 3, 2012

~ SD Gundam Knight ( NEXT)

SD Gundam Knight !!! It is from THE NEXT series. Each cost 200yen. It has 2 variations. Another one comes with the cape while mine comes with additional horse legs !!! Yup !!! It can change to Centaur mode !!!

These are the components that you will be getting. Minor assembly required especially the joints. However, I had bad luck with this unit. One of the arm joint already broken before assembly.

Equip with weapons. The proportions of this Gundam is just nice.

The back view. It looks detail and has a few ports for plug in additional parts. My version will be using the bottom port only. 

Block and defend !!! The shield looks great with nice pre-painted color. 

Let's have a rest after a hard battle.  

Change form !!! Knight increase its speed and strength by changing into Centaur mode !!! 

SD Gundam Battle !!! Who is the ultimate warrior ???!!!

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