Sunday, September 30, 2012

~ Banpresto Big Vinyl Kamen Rider Black

I wanted get this Big size Black this year. I have seen some seller selling it over RM120. But luckily, I manage to get it last month at around RM80+ although the package already damaged. It stands at about 30cm tall which is around 1/6 scale. it is a fix pose display figure. Only the head and upper arm can twist.

The details of this figure is quite good. I like the mold and the favorite signature action pose. Although the color paint on the figure is not top notch but still acceptable. I added black lining on the brown area to make it looks more 3D. My unit eye suffer slight unbalance eye color tone. Right eye has darker red. 

Added some coating on the shoulder to make it looks shinier. 

I have added details on the belt. It was a whole piece in gray color. The original painted part is red part at center but faded. I had retouch up and painted it. The actual belt has more details but I prefer this simpler look. 


Kamen Rider Kid said...

i love this piece! could you tell me where to find one in malaysia? im collecting banpresto big size kamen riders so would be grateful if you could help. thanks.

Mr Skull said...

Hi, you may ckeckout ebay. By the way, I have added details on the rider especially the belt, actual one is simple silver with red paint at center. Thanks for visiting.


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