Monday, September 3, 2012

~ Choro Q Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI

A simple review of Choro Q Evo VI. This is the normal release version. I bought it loose from Japan few months ago at around USD11. This is my most expensive loose Choro Q so far. I wanted to buy this Choro Q so long ago, but no chance to find a brand new one at decent price. I saw eBay selling at "new" unit at around USD20, but I doubt it is new. Last time I made purchase from a Hong Kong eBay seller, the box looks old and seem like used item. Guessed I was cheated by that seller. So, I try not to buy old item that carry the "new" label.

I had touch up the white paint near the headlamps. The original paint job was kinda sloppy. It has clear headlamps. Great !!!

The rear lamps are painted. I like old release Choro Q as TAKARA put more effort of detailing on the car especially painting details. 

Made in Taiwan. 

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