Friday, October 19, 2012

~ SIC Kamen Rider 6 Riders Special Set limited

This is the limited Tamashii Japan edition of SIC set. This set comes with 6 classic Showa riders. I am not sure why the retail price can go up to 26000 Yen for this set. It doesn't seems that special for me. I bought this set because I don't have this 6 riders. Anyway, the only special thing I think is the new Rider 1 which you can only get him in this set while Rider 2 has minor repaint on the mask. Rider 2 has dark green mask instead of dark blue mask in SIC vol 15. This set shipping cost me a whooping 5000yen !!! The amount of accessories for V3 and Rider-man is less than the SIC vol 18. V3 has no guns now. Other than that, 4 pieces of plastic base is provided for you to display. Is this set worth buying? I don't think so. You can buy this if you are die hard Ichigo fans or don't own any of these riders in this set yet.

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