Sunday, October 28, 2012

~ SIC Masked Rider 2 Old Nigo Ishinomori Store Exclusive

This is another exclusive by sold by Ishinomori store. Rider 2 now has black glossy helmet. Actually this set does not have any special upgrade other than slight changes in the color scheme. I recommend this set for those that do not own Rider 2 yet as the colors looks better and sharper for Nigo if the premium price is not a problem for you. Other changes that I notice is the white stripes at the side of the leg are broader than earlier release. This Rider 2 actually appear in late movie which is Kamen Rider Decade movie.

Beautiful and unique box design which looks like comic book cover. 

Rider 2, Nigo !!! These are the items that you get in this set. 

I like his eyes. Bandai now produce clearer crystal bug eyes like Figurats. A great upgrade !!! The mouth piece can swing down and up to reveal his human form mouth !!! 

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