Monday, March 18, 2013

~ Transformers Generation Fallen Of Cybertron FOC Starscream ( Robot mode)

Took these photos 2 months ago but I forgot to upload them due to slow internet connection to access blogger. Anyway, I saw the Takara version which has more accurate metallic colors and details like in the game. However, there is advantage and disadvantage of getting Takara version. In my opinion, Takara has better accurate colors but is more pricey and unit may suffer paint chips or paint defects. I bought a few Takara generation recently which already encounter 2 units suffer paint chips and sloppy paint job after I opened 3 boxes out of 5 i.e Vortex and Sideswipe. Paint chips occurs on the joints and some surface. This incident has turned off my mood to continue open the other units. As for Hasbro, the paint is more solid but without metallics. However, you can transform the unit without worry much for things like scratch off the paint. I am ok with the Hasbro version of Starscream which is more G1 accurate. He has decent articulations but no waist joint.

Ignore the fine silver paint on the unit. I added those paint to make it like wear and tear effects. Starscream is worth to buy !!! He comes with two Gatling guns that can spin.

He has orange translucent eyes.

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