Tuesday, March 12, 2013

~ Transformers Takara Generation TG-07 Onslaught Bruticus (Robot Mode)

Takara has added great detailing on this Onslaught by additional painting. I like the purplish pink lining on the wheels. 

Please ignore the tiny yellow jewels added on the side wheels. I added these jewels as the exposed metal part kinda spoil the design. 

You can his upper body back slightly. He has waist joint. 

Onslaught has very limited posing. His shoulder only can swing front or back at about 270 degrees. He cannot raise his shoulder up which is quite bad due to his bulky shoulder armor. The knee also has limited movement. It can only bend about 45 degrees backward due to his big "Bruticus combiner joints " on his leg which hinder it from kneeling down. 

I hate to see his gun. The design is not accurate and has serious hollow at the bottom of his gun. I remember I saw this type of gun which was back 20 years ago from a RM2 toy. However, the gun is painted with metallic silver. 

He can do some nice flying pose :P 

Don't mess with Onslaught, he can change into mini Bruticus anytime he wants. This mode look kinda funny for me. :P Please take note that this is not the final transformation part for Bruticus. 

Final Comments:
  1. Buy Onslaught only if you want to form Bruticus. I bought Onslaught and Blast off just for the sake of complete the Bruticus set. Of course, you can get Hasbro set which is a lot cheaper since they have the same mold.
  2. Takara version has better color scheme and close to G1 compare to HASBRO and SDCC version. Although, SDCC version has accurate game color.
  3. He has limited movement and is hard to pose due to his limited shoulder and knee movement.
  4. He has hollow/ holes on his back. I wonder why the designer can't just design a cover that can flip at the back?
  5. He is quite pricey.

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