Friday, January 8, 2016

~ Hot Wheels Dodge Charger SRT 2015 Spec Zehobby Custom

Hi everyone!!! Happy new year !!! This is my first 2016 post. A red sport car. It has been very long time I was inactive in collecting 1/64 die cast as in these 5 years because I could not locate any single nice car in my area especially JDM a.k.a Japanese car. Even-though there are new arrival carton, the store staff would keep and sell the cars to their agent. This is so unfair. So be first come first serve, not reserve !!! Anyway, luckily still have some muscle cars that interested me. In the past I collected Dodge Challenger while now it's Dodge Charger !!! The amount of details attracted me especially the decals and metal grill. Too bad the car lack of painting in front and back so I decided to add some detailing on it. The front and back were originally "blank red". Hope you like it. Hehe ....

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