Monday, February 8, 2016

~ Majorette FORD FIESTA WRC Abu Dhabi version

All right, it's has been a long long time that I never have a chance to grab nice cars especially Hot Wheels are "controlled" by the departmental store staff. Last month, I saw 12 cartons of Hotwheels cars laying in front of me but the staff told me that they have to check first before for sale.  All the boxes already have double tape isn't it already checked? I should have report to the store manager but I didn't. On the bright side, I can save the money. Then, I happened to walked into a brand new store which sell all sort of Japanese branded snacks and candy. Suddenly, I saw some diecast cars hanging on peg. It's Majorette !! But the packaging is different with Japanese wording. This is special collaboration between Majorette and KABAYA Japanese candy toy maker. It's actually a candy that comes with a toy car. It cost me RM15.30 each. I was looking for the new beetle but the staff told me it was sold in the morning. Oh my !! No luck to add  a new member for my beetle collection !! OK let's move on. I feel that the finishing is a lot better compare to those which selling in Malaysia market. The Japanese version cars are made in Thailand. The paint job is almost on par with Tomica. The metal is heavier too !!! I love the detail printings. I will keep the car in the solid card as it is 50th Anniversary edition.

Check out all the wordings on the car; Castrol, Ford, Edge and Abu Dhabi. Wow !!!!

The tiny Ford logo is really cute. 

Japanese wording at the back card. 

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