Friday, June 5, 2009

~ Mid Year Gundam Haul

Luckily on Thursday (Last day!!!), I still able to visit the Gundam mid year competition organized by Litt Tak in Malaysia. There are many nice model kits but most of the owners had collected back their masterpieces. Many new kits were introduced in the "Gundam showdown" especially "Expo" version; the transparent one. I only bought 4 pieces of Sengokuden Gundam and a Gundam 00. A complete set of 3 armors were give when the customer purchase at least 4 Sengokuden Gundam. I believe there are many goodies which I had missed out.

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3


Janus Lu said...

Wah! Nice haul bro! Built it! Built it! :P

zehobby said...

Sure hehe.......the extra weapons looks cool!!!

Janus Lu said...

Show it! Show it! :P


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