Sunday, June 28, 2009

~ ROTF Leader class Optimus Prime Custom

I want this custom figure so much!!! Too bad I can't afford to own it!!! It is open for bid in ebay!!! The price now is USD1xxx!!! The best Transformers custom so far I have seen. Movie accurate!!! I want it so much!!!

I am drooling over its awesome details!!!

Custom gun for Optimus!!!

Image credits: katier9297 a.k.a. frenzy_rumble

Click here to believe it!
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Janus Lu said... buy 1 Hasbro version and go back home custom yourself-lah, bro. :P

zehobby said...

Huhu, i dont own an airbrush....afraid handpaint custom is not as good as airbrush since long time i didnt paint gundam already. >.<"


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