Friday, June 19, 2009

~ Transformers customs

I found a very interesting forum post regarding about Transformers customs done by Jarod. He has done many customs from Gundam model kit, alternators, binaltech and many more. Awesome customs!!!

Below are two sample customs done by Jarod

Alternator Ironhide. I want this so much =(

Alternator Sludge.Cool flame decals.

News credits: Redline from TFW2005
Image credits:

Click here to redirect to the forum! Enjoy!


Janus Lu said...

Wow! I must said he is a genius!!! Thanks for sharing, bro. :P

zehobby said...

hehehe, sure no problem =D

Janus Lu said...

I think now i am being poison by TF trend already, hehehe...:P

zehobby said...

good! =p welcome to TF world!


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