Saturday, February 12, 2011

~ 元祖SDガンダム SD Gundam List & Review

I found an almost complete list of another type SD Gundam series which is 元祖 ("Original ancestor??") compiled by a Japanese, "Lifezoids". This series were produced by Bandai,China. Yes, Made in China. I have 5 of them. Regretted didnt buy as many as I can when I have the chance last time. I miss the Physho Gundam =( It is transformable. As for No.1 and No.2, I think both of them are Nu Gundam and Sazabi if not mistaken which my cousin brother own them before. I quite like this series. The plastic looks like toy but is solid and durable. The mold is quite nice as well and some of them has transparent eyes kinda cool. Last but not least, almost every unit will have own unit gimmick like press a button the hand will move or shoulder shake. It's really kinda fun. Anyway, some of the models were reissued under SD Generation F in conjunction with released of the game. The kits were coated in silver and other metallic color but the eye balls in sticker were removed.

LINK >>>>> 元祖SDガンダム

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