Sunday, February 6, 2011

~ 超造形魂 Chozokei Damashii Scan Heroes Shadowmoon

Shadowmoon!!! My favourite Kamen Rider. He is bad guy but I still like him. This figure stands at 10cm. I didn't know Chozokei Damashii (CD) released is not compatible with other Kamen Rider gashapon. They stand in between HG/ DG (8cm) and HDM (12cm) series. I couldn't display them together. The figures released in CD line also have crystal eyes like HDM series. Some latest HG KR do have transparent but no crystal eyes. I bought this CD3 set is because of this Shadowmoon. S.H.Figuarts is going to release Shadowmoon soon under Tamashii limited as expected as he got the top votes to be released this year. Anyway, I quite dissapointed with the initial design of the Shadowmoon SHF as he is too skinny for me. I hope they will improve it in the end as there are quite many Shadowmoon figures can be used as reference for SHF release.

This figure has great mold and details. The only problem is the paint job is quite bad. I touched up the silver part of the armor, black details on the head and the belt.

Side view.

A closer view. I like the details and the green bug crystal eyes are cool.

The red part of the sword is made of plastic painted in transparent rose pinkish red.

A black & white photo :)

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