Thursday, February 3, 2011

~ SD Gundam Sentinel EX (NEXT)

This is a brand new series of SD gashapon Gundam called SD Warrior NEXT. Each capsules cost 200yen (RM8) which is double the size of previous series at 100yen (RM4). However, the size is bigger almost double than the previous release. I will show the size comparison in the future post. The main highlights of this series are they are more detail and articulated. There are plastic joints at shoulder and pelvis.

The back details.

The cool beam smart gun. There are some sloppy paint job on the chest and shoulder.

The following are the main parts. There are few more tiny parts that can be seperated which I noticed after I took this photo. On top right are the joints. Total number of joints is 8 which included the waist joint.

The gun at the side waist is movable too !!! I like the sculpture of this EX-S. It looks cute but cool at the same time. =) The paint job looks like the paint used for the Gundam Fix Figuration series.

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