Thursday, August 18, 2011

~ Nendoroid Miku Support Arrived !!!

Finally she arrived, I have been waiting for more than one month. Hmmm, I think its more appropriate for me to say all the customer who ordered the Miku Support version worry about their purchase due to GSC staff wrongly sent out almost all orders by surface mail instead of EMS. This is a serious mistake. However, last week GSC apologized officially to all customers and refunds the EMS fees (2000 yen). I am happy to receive my Miku but one of the box suffers some box crease at edge due to box size and bad packing method.

The box just fits the Nendoroid nicely. Some people reported that their box get crushed or damage. I think GSC should improve their packaging method like Amiami and Hobby Search did.

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