Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~ Figma Saber Lily (Part 2)

Total there are 5 pair of hands. An organizing box for hands is provided.

The sword.

A closer view on the sword's details. Very nice !!!

Let the fight begins !!! The stand I used is from Bandai's Stage Act 4. I didn't use the Figma stand as I feel it is not strong enough to support action poses. Furthermore, Figma provide a "clip type" holder. I afraid if I constantly pull and plug in around waist might damage the paint or cause scratches.

There is a clip cover at the back of the skirt. Removing the clip allow you to plug in the Figma stand holder.

Here is the default face plate display in the Figma box. There are only 2 face plates.

Final comments:
  • The articulations are quite good except the shoulder's articulation is quite limited due to the bulging sleeve.
  • A nice beautiful figure but pricey as she was sold bundled with PS2 game.
  • There is fake or bootleg version, be-careful if you want to get her.

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