Thursday, May 24, 2012

~ Kamen Rider Chalice Big Vinyl

This is the review of big giant vinyl stands at 32 CM tall made by Banpresto in year 2003. I bought this figure around 2 weeks ago from Japan. It is very hard to find such big figure with great details at decent price. I missed out a lot of nice figure last time especially Black and Faiz Axel. This figure is really heavy which is around 600 grams. At first I thought it is a light weight figure but I knew I was wrong after I looked at the high shipping fees for this figure. There are many versions for this Chalice. I think around 3 versions which have different poses.

The best part of this figure is the eyes. The visor is made from transparent red. The visor melted and has a sticky layer when I received. I had to polish it till it shines again. Tadaaaaaa !!! :D

Details on the belt are great. Unfortunately, the "red love" is not made from red transparent parts.

The cross bow. The only movable parts are the head and arms with simple 360 degrees swing action.

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Kamen Rider Kid said...

hi, how much did you buy this? i admire your taste and skills in getting this piece. can you help me find one as well? thanks a lot.


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