Tuesday, May 22, 2012

~ Transformers Galaxy Force Nemesis Convoy Prime ( KO Legend)

Here is a very simple review of the KO legend class Nemesis Convoy. Yes it is bootleg. But, the color scheme is very nice. Takara and Hasbro have not release the black version of Galaxy Force Convoy. Oh well, please ignore the black head, hand and leg variant of Convoy. That's not Nemesis. I remember I showed photos of this figure in unopened box around 2 years back.

Front view. A very nice mix up of grey, pink and black for this figure. It actually has two versions, another one has gray head with black body. Hmmm.... I should get both and change it to whole black figure. Anyway, I still like the default color scheme.

A close up view of the figure. I have added red paint on the eyes. Nemesis Convoy has red eyes. 

Side view. The wheels are different compare to the genuine one which has more detail and bigger.

Back view. Now, comes the problem when buying a KO toys. The thigh joints are glued to the groan area. What are these? I guess the legs are too loose. So this cause the problem during transformation process. The figure can't transform properly. The hands seems can't fold up like the genuine one. The shoulder armor joints already cracked which you can view from the back but the plastic quality is still acceptable.

The only action pose that I can think of. 

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