Saturday, July 11, 2009

~ Hot Wheels Ferrari 575 GTC (Black 09)

This is the only Ferrari racer that I bought so far this year due to its RM14.90 price tag!!! If I am not mistaken, this is the 4th wave of special Ferrari release by Hot Wheels including the 60th anniversary set since 2007. One wave has about 24 cars but mostly repaints!!! Luckily, I am not Ferrari hardcore fans else I have to spend about RM1000 for the complete special Ferrari set. Up to date, I only have 6 carded Ferrari racer. I told myself to collect only chili red Ferrari (NO more repaints!!!) but I still bought this blacky in the end.=(

This black Ferrari 575 GTC has "bad ass" look which reminds me about Smokescreen from Transformers Binaltech series. It has white painted base and black metallic body.

It has red windscreen and headlamps. I like red lining on the body of this car!!!

Every Ferrari racer series comes with a free sticker. I love the illustration of this Ferrari.

Here is the list of current wave. Did I saw Scaglieti?

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