Friday, July 31, 2009

~ Hot wheels Ferrari 612 Scaglieti

I went to 7-eleven today to pick up some cars that I missed out last 2 days as I didnt bring enough cash out. Suddenly, I found this Scaglieti hanging on the rack !!! I also found black metallic version of FXX and yellow Dino.

There is a tiny Ferrari logo on the hood but the headlamps are not painted. I wonder why. Maybe my one is an error. I have to find another unit to compare.

Look at the sexy design of this brand new mold Ferrari!!! The body is painted in metallic dark grey. I gues this is the signature colour of 612.

Top is painted in black and has sunroof!

I tried to snap some car interior photos but "phailed" due to reflection from the packaging. It has great detail interior!!! Certainly a great improvement for Hot wheels!!! =D

It has a number plate at rear and a logo in silver which is not obvious due to "camouflage" effect.

New improvement on the back of card!!! Look at the reflection of light of this card. It uses the same material as the front of the card now!!!

Guys what are you waiting for? Grab it now at your favourite 7e store for only RM10.90!!! ^^

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