Friday, May 28, 2010

~ How to Take Care Your PVC Figure

I found this article/ info from a forum and would like to share it as found it very useful. Actually, I was googling for information or instructions on how to "repair" the bend part of PVC figure especially my SD Gundam gashapon figures. Most of them are out of shape when remove from the capsules. The writer of this article provided a link on how to repair the bend figure. Too bad, the link is broken but there many useful tips in the article. The following are tips provided by baibaiman, from, 2008.

Here is the simple list of how to taken care of your PVC figure:

1) Keep it on cool temperature. (Hot temperature will cause your pvc to produced oil and it will easily crack in the future). Why it will produced oil? What is that? Read above!!.

2) DONT EVER PUT YOUR PVC DIRECTLY TO SUNLIGHT. Dont put them near strong light that produced heat wave, e.g halogen lamp and filament bulb.

3) Once every few months, put your figure inside freezer for about 20 minutes (Not too long).

4) If by any chance your figure starting to produced oil (Because of heat), put your figure to freezer for 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

5) Use blower to clean your figure. Personally, I use hair drier to blow all the dust (!!!!! REMEMBER TO SET THE HAIR DRIER TO BLOW COOL AIR, NOT THE HOT AIR). If you rich, use dust remover that used to clean up computer part or other electronic stuff.

6) Do not clean your figure with chemical liquid. No warm water as well. If possible avoid water; only use small amount water to clean very dirty part of your figure.

7) If you have a hard time to remove the figure from the stand (most of them are made of plastic), do not use force. Just put the figure inside the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes. It is because plastic will shrink and expand more then PVC, coldcast, etc..

8) If you have more then 1 figure stand close to each other, please make sure dont let them to touch each other. After long time, it will leave a mark ont he other figure.

9) (THIS IS NOT TOO IMPORTANT. IT ONLY HAPPEN WHEN THE FIGURE USED CHEAP PAINT. Famous brand such as Max Factory, kaiyodo, alter, good smil company, etc.. will used good paint) Try to put a plastic to every joint that removeable to avoid direct contact that will leave a mark after a long time. Do you know the reason, why manufacture always put a plastic bettwen the joint that removeable when you bought a new figure? It is because when they touch each other, after long time, it will leave a paint mark.

10) This is for PVC figure Only.
AVOID puting heavy object e.g. weapon, items, etc.. on your figure hands. It is because PVC will bend over time. For more info about this or how to fix this, go to

There are lots more information about PVC figures and how to repair broken PVC figures provided by baibaiman as well. >> more details here

Credits: baibaiman from HobbyFanatics, 2008.

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