Thursday, May 27, 2010

~ SIC Kamen Rider Wing Form (Hobby Japan Limited)

Woohoo !!! Finally the Wing form is here !!! I got this dude few days back and immediately open the box after I took a photo of the box. The box is cool and is sealed with "plastic beg". This issue comes with the SIC Hero Saga book. Hmm, I should say buy the book get the figure for free :D

Box back art.

After you remove the outer box, you will see a golden box art. Box art? Yes, there is another smaller box inside.

Some photoshots of the figures as the following. I didn't plan to remove it from box as I don't have any place to display him with his huge wings !!!

Unfortunately, my unit has a few parts with sloppy paint jobs. I don't mind his body, legs or arms have sloppy paintjob but not his eyes. There are few silver dots of paint on his eyes. Need to clean it up when I have the time to do it. Hopefully the silver paint will come out.

Check out the awesome details !!!

Hmm, I forgot to snap a photo of the wings !!! Den-O and SIC lovers shouldn't miss out this awesome Wing form.


Janus Lu said...

That is pretty cool, bro. I like the design of this rider! :)

Uncle Bulk said...

Thanks bro. Hehe, this is my first exclusive toy T.T cost me bout RM400 for this guy ~ huhu

Janus Lu said...

That is a lot of money, man! :o

Uncle Bulk said...

Yeah ==" Only once a while can buy one ~


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