Sunday, May 23, 2010

~ NEWS: New Safety Standards for Toy

I read this news few weeks back. Actually, government mentioned about the new safety standards on July 2009 which was supposed to be commenced on January 2010. The toy retailers and wholesaler were given 6 months grace period starting from August 2009. However, government then delayed the enforcement of the standards to July 2010. I guess the toy retailers demand more time for them to clear out their toys? Recent past two months, you may notice certain toys are up for big sale (around 50%-70% off retail price) such as Choro-Q and gashapons. So, you should go get what you want before they dissapear in our local market. This news can be good and bad news for me. Bad news is I will stop collecting the "to be dissapear toy series" while the good news is I can save more and stream down my toy collections. In future, you still have chance to import toys from overseas but usually cost a lot more than buying them locally and you might require to do declaration according to the toys safety guideline (TIPS: Buying locally allow you to check the item conditions on the spot).

Goods not regarded as toys
6. Collectible products not intended for children under fourteen years of age
22. Model kits, hobby and craft items in which the finished item is not primarily of play value

After reading part of the articles, there is a very high possibbility for certain toys that are for kids below 14 years old to go dissapear in market. Besides, that I also heard rumors that price of the SIRIM approved toy might increase in future. For more information, please click the following link (Sorry, some of the articles are published in Malay language).

Source from:
Malaysia: Ministry of domestic trade, co-operatives and consumerism


Janus Lu said...

Hmm...that is not a good news for toys collectors, I think the policy doesn't affect certain online toys shops here, hehehe...

Uncle Bulk said...

Yup. They even involve chemical lab test. This is serious !! Maybe due to the paint poison case occured few years back.

Janus Lu said...

I think for safety concern, the government need to do it, we all wish our children can play toys happily and safety, right? When children grow up, they will appreciate toys and turn to collect the high detail toys. This is the stage we have gone through. :)

Uncle Bulk said...

Haha, agree health and safety come first ;)


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