Wednesday, May 12, 2010

~ Q Racer Volkswagon

Bought these 2 little Volkswagon (Samba and Beetle) from TRU Empire Gallery last Sunday. I like their new arrangement for toys on the shelf. Very neat. Good job TRU. The quality for these little cars are quite good which were made by Welly. TRU repack the cars under the brand Fast lane. The cars do look alike Choro Q with "pull-back" action but the body is made from die-cast price at RM12.95 each. Other models that I can remember are Pajero, Nissan Fairlady 350z, Peugeot 206 and Toyota ~


Melvin said...

good taste, Bro. I also got it during my last visit to SG TRU few weeks ago.

Uncle Bulk said...

Hi thanks :) Was so tempted to get the red pajero and peugeot haha :)


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