Friday, March 25, 2011

~ Hotwheels & Matchbox Haul (march 2011)

I accidentally found these few cars when I was searching for Transformers. I found out that this new HW wave is cool as most the cars are in yellow. My favourite color. Haha. Those cars released in this wave are cool as well. There are Ferrari, Lamborghini, Police edition Corvette and Hummer in this wave. I saw orange Reventon but I give it a pass. Reventon fans dont miss it. ;)

Renault Megane version (2011 premier) in metallic yellow. I like the cool custom skirting. Keep up the good works Mattel !!! I want more !!!

This car makes me want to search for the last year released Citroen. ~

Ferrari 458 Italia (2010) in solid yellow.

Matchbox Shelby Cobra 427 S/C in metal polish finishing. I better keep it in card as I notice my Ford GT with this finishing as well get oxidized already :(

Yes!!! Finally found a matchbox mold for this car. I already have 5 different variants of HW. All of them have the double stripes. :)

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