Sunday, March 13, 2011

~ HG Zectrooper Gashapon (Shadow Version)

I quite like this figure. It is from the Kabuto HG series gashapon cost at 200 Yen each. I got it from Japan by purchasing a set. There are 3 variants. Other 2 are Neotrooper and Zectrooper without the double gold lining on the side. I wish to get the other 2 as well but have to buy another 2 sets? Each set comes with one type of trooper.

A close up view on the gun.

The arms can move.

The best feature of this figure is he can kneel down !!!

Shoot in the matrix style. This figure has quite many playability or poseability. I like it.

Zectrooper:" I also can Trooper kick !!!"

Slash !!!~

Zabee:" Who killed my army?"

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