Wednesday, March 30, 2011

~ Kaiyodo Revoltech Megatron (Part 1)

Here is another great oldies but goodies figure that I would recommend to you all. The Megatron produce by Revoltech. It has very good articulations and sculpt. Great for extreme poses !!! However, this figure cannot transform.

Megatron is fully painted except the joints. The shiny metallic silver really make it looks more outstanding !!! He has very good G1 looks just like in the animation or cartoon.

The Earth is mine !!!

A closer look on the chest details.

Kame-hame ha pose :P

More to come......


Janus Lu said...

This is a nice figure, too bad it cannot transform, but I like it, brilliant coloring! :)

Mr Skull said...

Yea bro. Anyway, good design usually has bad functions and vice versa. Just like those PVC girls details very good but cant move :P So we have to choose one.

Janus Lu said...

You are right, nothing is perfect in this world. :)


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