Friday, March 11, 2011

~ Transformers United Jazz

I guess this month I over spend on toys already ==". I really need to control myself since its still early March. Any good way to share with me on how to resist in spending??? Anyway, I feel lucky and unlucky at the same time. I still can get the United Jazz !!! It was released last month but I still havent have the time to buy it yet that time. The bad news is I paid slightly higher than the suppose retail price of RM85-89 as the bos of the toyshop told me Jazz is sold out already at Japan and stop production. Hmm, I not really sure about that. Jazz is my favourite TF character so this mold is must have for me. This version has great articulations as well. In case you dont wish to spend RM80+ for this figure, you may opt to get the Hasbro version. The main difference is the Takara United version is pure white color, Hasbro's is slightly bech color cost at RM59. I am still hunting for Tracks as well. Upcoming of United TF is really tempting me to buy more.....I faint ~~~

The biodata.

Very nice box art. Jazz in rage.

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Janus Lu said...

Wow! Looking good! Guess I will look for the Hasbro version, need to save money too ... :P


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